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We are a Peruvian company that works with local communities from a diverse range of locations in our country like the Amazon rainforest, the Andes highlands and the desert. We seek not only customer satisfaction, but also going beyond by building together and providing valuable tools and knowledge for our people’s growth.

Nature is one of the Earth’s most valuable treasures. This is why we are passionate about delivering the best fresh products and are highly committed both with the environment and in exceeding the industry’s quality standards.


We are never satisfied. This is the reason why we get involved in all of the product phases, from the sowing up to the product export. We aim to periodically visit our clients overseas to ensure their total satisfaction and get a direct feedback of their needs.


The Founders

La Grama’s founders started the company and developed their business model with small-scale farmers in 2006. Since then, the company has reached customers at both east and west coast of the US, Canada, and Europe.
They were accredited inspectors and auditors for organic agriculture standards, good agricultural practices (Globalgap) and other private standards in several Latin American countries.
Janos Kadar

Janos enjoys going on road trips and fishing weekends, his other favorite activities include playing amateur Football and making the best barbecues with his friends and family. He handles the procurement, operation logistics and production. He is the one that makes things happen no matter the obstacles.

Diego del Solar

Diego has been involved in outdoor activities since he was born. He has a true fanaticism for football, enjoys running and finds relaxation playing the guitar. He produces his own handcrafted Pisco together with his family. The quality of every product and process in La Grama is in his hands, as well as all of our certification programs. Diego puts the equilibrium, works and takes care of the details and technical issues.

Rodrigo Bedoya

Rodrigo has a great passion for beach life, the ocean, and surfing; always in search of relaxing getaways with his wife, Lorena. He is our CEO and the creative guy of the team.

Our People

We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the short amount of time we have been around. La Grama is the result of all the effort put together by many people, to whom we couldn’t thank enough. All of our accomplishments are a reminder of the great family we have, and in a way, a celebration of us being together and what will come. This is why all of the members of La Grama’s family are very important; without them, we are nothing. These are some of our family members:
Gregorio Vivanco

Gregorio Vivanco is a farmer that has almost five years working with La Grama. He used to sell his ginger through a local intermediate, which sold the ginger to the Lima market. Gregorio is a leader farmer in his local community: Quimishiripongo. He saw early the opportunity and encouraged some of his neighbors to work with La Grama, deciding to work directly with us. By coming constantly to the processing facility he learned the international quality requirements of ginger root, much more strict than the local ones. He learned to improve his field quality standards and therefore his productivity, which led him to get better percentages of export quality ginger and therefore better profits. With these results, he bought his own truck, which allowed him to harvest and transport his products at his own cost, without depending on rentals or charters. He continues to work with us, and improving.

Margarita Quispe

Margarita Quispe was the very first worker who joined us in this project. La Grama employs for its ginger processing and packing facility mostly local mothers, who live very close to the facility. They have a fixed working time, which allows them to take proper care of their children, without traveling long distances nor absenting for long periods of time. Every one of them is formally employed, receiving benefits that they didn’t even know would exist, La Grama promptly pays wages, salaries, and other benefits such as overtime payments, allowances, social benefits, health insurance, retirement pension fund, etc. They have been taught how to use a bank account, where they receive their wage, and found out the benefits of saving money and being subject to credit, like our devoted worker Margarita Quispe, who got a loan from the bank to improve her house, just in front of our packing facility, making it bigger and more comfortable for her husband and their children.

The Hinostroza Family

The Hinostroza’s are our right hand making sure our trucking needs are fully satisfied. They are a local family from a small town in the Peruvian central rainforest called Marankiari. When we first met they owned two trucks, and they now transport all of our export products, our equipments and materials with their 5 trucks fleet. At the beginning we used their services sporadically, now we work together each and every week of the year.



We give our growers constant technical assistance for free, helping them to improve their farming skills, obtain higher yields with better quality and therefore getting more profits.

We give our growers constant technical assistance for free, helping them to improve their farming skills, obtain higher yields with better quality and therefore getting more profits. In La Grama’s own farm we sow under biodynamic principles and experiment with all sorts of organic farming techniques, to select the best ones for our farmers to apply on their own lands. One example is agroforestry, which has shown to have a great impact, improving cropping conditions, environmental conservation, and farmer’s income. We also provide free training and assistance in the compliance with good agricultural practices, food safety and the most relevant organic certification standards.

Food safety is at the core of everything we do; we can guarantee that our products are free of E. coli, salmonella or any other threat to health. Each and every box of produce we ship has full traceability; we can tell all the story behind our products.

Since its foundation La Grama has been a company committed to its stakeholders’ development, generating around 1500 direct and indirect jobs, with the benefits these jobs give to those families. Teaching and sharing values with its workers and growers has been a priority. They have learned to use the financial system, the value of savings, access to credit and invest in their children’s education. Many of them have gotten access to a health care system for the first time in their lives.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

We produce the freshest and most natural organic yellow ginger and provide our clients with the highest quality product.

Our organic avocados are grown by small-scale farmers in the Andes highlands,

Botanical cousin of ginger, this extraordinary root also thrives in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and it is grown by the same skilled and dedicated farmers as our wonderful ginger

Also known as carambola, this star shaped tropical fruit has a delicious mix of sweet and sour flavors.

Also known as maracuja, this natural energizing fruit has found its perfect environment next to our organic avocados in the Andes highlands and its unique climate, that allows a perfect combination of flavors to obtain the most refreshing fruit.

This close relative of Passion Fruit has also been blessed by the Andes highlands climate conditions, this time by developing a delicious sweet pulp with extraordinary health properties



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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