Nature is one of the Earth’s most valuable treasures. This is why we are passionate about delivering the best fresh products and are highly committed both with the environment and in exceeding the industry’s quality standards.

We are a Peruvian company that works with local communities from a diverse range of locations in our country like the Amazon rainforest, the Andes highlands and the desert.

We seek not only customer satisfaction, but also going beyond by building together and providing valuable tools and knowledge for our people’s growth.


We give our growers constant technical assistance for free, helping them to improve their farming skills, obtain higher yields with better quality and therefore getting more profits.

sustainabilityIn La Grama’s own farm we sow under biodynamic principles and experiment with all sorts of organic farming techniques, in order to select the best ones for our farmers to apply on their own lands. One example is agroforestry, which has shown to have a great impact improving cropping conditions, environmental conservation and farmer´s income. We also provide free training and assistance in the compliance of good agricultural practices, food safety and the most relevant organic certification standards.

Food safety is at the core of everything we do, we can guarantee that our products are free of E. coli, salmonella or any other threat to health. Each and every box of produce we ship has full traceability, we can tell all the story behind our products.

Since its foundation La Grama has been a company committed with it’s stakeholders development, generating around 1500 direct and indirect jobs, with the benefits these jobs give to those families. Teaching and sharing values with it’s workers and growers has been a priority. They have learned to use the financial system, the value of savings, access to credit and invest in their children’s education. Many of them have gotten access to a health care system for the first time in their lives.